2017 Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference joint with 2017 Australasian Sexual Health Conference National Convention Centre Canberra 6 – 9 November 2017

AFAO Community Hub

The AFAO Community Hub will again be a feature of this year’s Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference. The program for the Hub is being developed and will include sessions on:

  • Early initiation of treatment: busting the myths
  • HIV Cure: What would it look like?
  • PrEP: working towards affordable and equitable access in Australia
  • PrEP and STIs: idle chit chat or the next real challenge?
  • Anti-microbial resistance in STIs: the role of community in addressing this emerging issue
  • HIV and Mobility
  • AIDS Action Council, HIV and the Australian Capital Territory
  • Imagining self-testing in Australia: opportunities and challenges
  • Hidden populations and the virtual elimination of HIV: who are these populations, and how do we ensure they are included in the national response?
  • Trans and gender diversity: making spaces safer and more inclusive through language


Check back for a full program in October